The Next Move?

As bass make their way from their winter haunts to spawning grounds our goal as fisherman is to try to intercept their path along the way.  With the exception of the extreme south and north, in most parts of the country bass are in their pre-spawn stage and just a few weeks away from spawning activity.

Bass are setting up on secondary points and filtering back into the shallows as the days get longer and the water warms.  Right before they spawn I like to focus on secondary points in shallower creeks and then move my way to the very back during the spawn.  The majority of bass will spawn in shallow water areas to provide good sunlight warmth for their eggs.  On a map those shallower creeks will be visible with contour lines that are father apart.  Rather than shuffle through paper maps I prefer to use the digital version.

Navionics underwater mapping shows 1 foot contour which gives great detail on how the bottom is laid out.  It allows me to see what creeks and pockets I need to concentrate on in quick order.  I can cover sections of a lake much faster, which is especially important when practicing for a tournament.  They have one foot contours available on 2,500 lakes.  Check them out at

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