Morristown Marine Tournament Douglas May 17, 2014

Morristown Marine 2014 Douglas

With the colder than normal winter the lake was fishing further behind than normal. There wasn’t a lot of schools, but we knew the tournament would be won in deep water as it always is this time of year. After spending multiple days idling the lake we knew where all of the good schools where thanks to our Navionics chip and Lowrance Structure Scan. It made this finding process much easier. We drew a late boat number and knew all of the good deep water areas would be taken so we decided to spend the first few hours of the tournament just fishing topwater and waiting to see if a deep water spot would open up. We boated a few small fish early on topwater. After about an hour we noticed a boat leaving a good deep water spot so we immediately went over there. It was slow for the first hour or so and then we would catch a good fish about every half hour until about 1:30. I knew we had a good weight as we were culling 3.5 lbers. The last fish was around 6 lbs, and once we boated that fish I thought we had it won. We did end up winning with over 24 lbs. and took home the $10,000. We caught most of the fish on swimbaits, spoons, and a-rigs. It was one of the best days of fishing I have ever experienced.

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