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 Navionics has long been the industry leader for underwater mapping.  They have recently introduced a new and exciting product called Navionics+.  In the past if somebody wanted a certain body of water’s contour map they had to purchase that regions chip: North, East, South, and West.  That was ideal if they only fished in that certain region.  For anglers who travel and fish many bodies of water Navionics+ is the solution.  Now with Navionics+ you simply insert the chip into your computer, go online, and download customized areas that you create.  You determine how large or small of an area to download.  With 2GB of storage space you can choose to download just certain lakes or an entire region.  It gives the user more control to obtain areas they would like to have on their chip.  Users can select regions to download from all over the world.  The download process is quick and user friendly.

In addition the Navionics+ chip comes with Sonar Charts™, which is an HD bathymetry map that reveals bottom contour detail.  It uses sonar logs from the Navionics Community along with existing data.  With Navionics+ you also get 12 months of the freshest data updates.  Navionics is the only marine charting company to offer daily updates.  There are over 2,000 updates per day.

Navionics+ has made obtaining contour mapping easier and you have the comfort of knowing the data you receive is the most up-to-date on the market.  Check out Navionics+ at

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