Fall Transition

Bass in the spring are normally concentrated in shallow creeks and pockets. In the summer and winter they typically hold in deeper main lake areas. However, in fall the fish are scattered both shallow and deep. And junk fishing is popular in the fall for this very reason. In the morning you may throw topwater. During the day you may flip shallow docks, fish deep brush piles, and then go back shallow in the evening to throw lipless crankbaits around schools of shad. During this transition time of the year fish make their way toward the backs of pockets in search of baitfish schools, but they do not all do this at the same time which is why the fish are so spread out.
One way to help in this process is careful map study to find routes into these areas. The fish will be somewhere along that path. I use Navionics mapping to find these routes. First I will check main lake points for brush to see if the fish are still out deep. If they are not there I will make my way back into creeks stopping on channel swings and secondary points along the way. If that fails to produce I will go to the very back of the creek. Somewhere during this process I will run into fish. A good rule of thumb for most of country is during September the majority of fish will still be deeper. During October and November fish will be shallow and as December approaches they will start moving back out toward deeper water.
Just keep an open mind and look for baitfish either on the surface or on your graph. This time of year I normally won’t fish a place very long unless there is bait present. But remember to focus on the routes in and out of creeks and you will eventually find bass.

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