Cherokee Lake Feb. 10, 2013


Air Temp: mid to upper 40’s

Water Temp: upper 40’s

Conditions: cloudy and light wind

I took out 2 nice guys, Bill and Anthony, who were pre-practicing for a tournament.  We fished the lower end and found the water to be a little more off colored than normal from all of the recent rains.  They had made their way down the lake to the lower end.  I believe the upper end was actually clearer from what I heard.  We fished for smallmouth for much of the day with A-rigs, cranks, and jigs and saw most fish suspended on our graph in 35′-40′.  Normally I would fish for them, but with the water so colored I knew it would be difficult to get those fish to see our bait and react.  We ended up catching 7 largemouth with the biggest close to 3 lbs. and many in the 2.5 lb range.  We caught all of those in a creek with warmer water (in the 50s) shallow cranking.  It was fun to get those so shallow this time of year.  Overall the day was tough and I believe the upper end was the better area.  I have another trip this next week on Cherokee so we will see if we can get revenge on those smallmouth.

2013 Southern Open #1


I just wrapped up the first BASS Open of the year down in Florida on Lake Toho earlier this month.  I finished 5th and had a great time.  The next Open is on Douglas in April.  I’m pretty excited about that one being in my backyard!